Be You.
Connect with Authenticity.
Uplift team Culture.

Unlock human potential through the power of imagery, AI and behavioral science.

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Meet KeeperAI.

A unique, fun-to-use platform that captures cultural, social and behavioral insights.

Connect as people, not just talking heads.

KeeperAI profiles, personality graph, affinity groups, and vibe of the day tool offer a view of the total person, so people see more than just the face on the screen.

Build an insightful profile in minutes using our patented imagery and AI-based platform.

Get an interactive dashboard of your personality, working style, mood, interests and more.

Use profiles to better understand your colleagues, discover common ground and make real connections.

Show your truth.

KeeperAI’s profile, personality assessment, interests dashboard, and mood gauger offers a view of the total person, so people see more than just the face on the screen.

Uplift your team culture.

In today’s hybrid workforce where many co-workers will rarely (or ever) meet in person, the ability to connect on a human level is more important than ever.

See KeeperAI in action.

Packs a big data punch

Filling out a profile is easy and fun, yet the process yields as much insight as a 30-minute traditional personality assessment.

Better than surveys

Unlike employee satisfaction and other surveys, KeeperAI provides a real-time, at-a-glance view of sentiment.

Build teams in less time

Use KeeperAI profiles to break the ice, better understand colleagues, and facilitate real connections.

Keep your best people

Put employees in the driver’s seat and let them tell their own story via engaging visuals.

Support inclusion

Help people go beyond basic bios to discover shared views, values and interests.

Easy to integrate

KeeperAI can stand alone or integrate with any enterprise employee platform.


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