How does KeeperAI work?

We empower people to connect with authenticity.

With a few clicks, our platform can provide insights about a person’s personality, soft skills and sentiments. This happens through our patent-pending blend of imagery, artificial intelligence and behavioral science-based algorithms.


Personality Attributes

KeeperAI will generate a “personality attributes” profile based on the images you select and the answers you provide to a few simple questions.

Values & Mission Graph

KeeperAI can visually depict where your personality most closely overlaps with the qualities expressed in an organization’s mission statement.

Personality Graph

Keeper generates a visual depiction of your personality predicated on the Five Factor Model of Personality. At KeeperAI, the factors are referred to as Cooperativeness, Sociability, Steadiness, Persistence and Creativity.

Word Cloud

KeeperAI collects all the words that come up most frequently in our analysis of both user-generated text and images.

Color Banner

According to Color Theory, color preferences may provide additional insight into your proclivities, and lend additional “personality” to your overall profile.


Have a great idea for a new way your company can innovate? KeeperAI lets you share those ideas with your team.

Use Cases

At its core, KeeperAI is a relationship-building accelerator. It coaxes out personality traits and soft skills in minutes, making it easier for people to truly “see” one another.

  • Accelerates Recruitment
  • Gauge employee sentiment
  • Retain talent
  • Align personalities & performance
  • Support team building
  • Support team managers
  • Promote an open, transparent culture


KeeperAI is the perfect tool to get employees to collaborate. Enlist the help of your creative peers to help put that final bit of artistic polish on your next presentation.

Diversity & Inclusion

Find like-minded team members with shared interests and passions, and work to build the future you want to see in your organization together.

Company Culture

Our affinity groups, personality charts and vibe of the day help team members to get to know one another. This is crucial, especially in today’s hybrid work environment.

Remote Workforce

Use affinity groups to organize your next zoom happy hour. Connect as people using personality insights to better understand each other from a distance.

Client Relationships

Build connections in advance by sharing your Keeper profile. Our patented personality assessment can help you and potential clients get to know each other before you even meet.

Learning & Development

Not everyone is good at everything. Knowing which peers you can consult for creative direction, or deep analysis is the first step to growing and learning.

Hiring Practices & Hiring Managers

Hiring is never easy. Just scheduling and conducting interviews can take hours out of your week. With KeeperAi, you can get a feel for who a person is before you ever meet them. Skip the dozens of introductory interviews and focus on what really matters: finding the right person for your team.

Customer Success

When you sign up with KeeperAI, you’re more than just another customer — you become our partner and an extended member of the KeeperAI family.

We will partner with you every step of the way, applying our customer success framework that ranges from socialization of the platform, manager training, community management to communication, ideation, analysis and primary research.

Every organization is unique, so our customer success approach will be tailored to your needs.